Language:Chinese, Japanese

Usually, our guests come from overseas but sometimes Japanese guests but sometime also Japanese guests join our tour through ‘’SOW EXPERIENCE’’.

SOW EXPERIENCE is a experience gift service. This time, the son gave him parents this gift ticket and They choose our COFFEE LOVERS RIDE.

Thank you very much for coming from Gunma!

At the beginning of the tour, they practiced how to ride the sports bike because they don’t get used to sports bikes.

At the beginning of the tour, make the leather cup sleeve. At the historic leather studio.

The very friendly craft man, Sato teach them how to make the leather very kindly.

After leather workshop, head to Kiyosumishirakawa and it’s time to have a lunch!

I’ve never thought but they enjoyed eating hamburger so much. Actually, I think about their age, we were going to go to the Japanese restaurant for lunch but they wanted to try to eat hamburger because they’ve never eaten hamburger. Hamburger was so big, so we teach them how to eat hamburger. Actually, lots of Japanese don’t know how to east this big hamburger like this. Anyway, they said they like hamburger so much!!

After lunch, visited the Kiyozumishirakawa Coffee roasteries .

Visited 3 roasteries there and try to drip coffee.
Usually, I teach the guests how to drip coffee, but he was coffee lover and he knows about that this time, so I don’t need to tell them.

This is the best shoot of this tour.
She looked at her husband with beautiful slime!

Enjoy having coffee with the leather cup sleeve.
BTW, this cup sleeve is very useful at party scene.

CHARI YA TOKYO provides unforgettable experience which is not listed the guide books.
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