Endorsement agreement by ROCK BIKES

We are helping our tour bike brand, rock bike’s artist endorsement project.
rock bikes provides influencer such as an artist with their bike through this project.

The first case is Ike from SPYAIR

He is a vocalist of SPYAIR. SPYAIR is a Japanese famous band and wide spread in Asian country.
We’ve known each other for a long long time, and I knew he had an interested in bicycle. So I decided that first endorsement is for him.

He chose ”Greed” this time.
He said he often went fishing, so he wanted to ride on off road.
Actually, Greed has thick slick tires, it can ride on the off road. This is the reason why he chose Greed this time.

The second case is Tatsuo. He is a guitarist and sound arranger. He is woking with BAYB METAL, GOLDEN BOMBER, and Momoiro cClover Z.

Because he want to ride long distance, he picked a road bike, SPITFIRE.
This bike is so photogenic and also has solid handling and good acceleration force.
He said he wants to ride with Kenji Dalvish from GOLDEN BOBER, because Kenji also likes cycling.

The 3rd case is Naruse Eimi as known as Eitaso from Dempa Gumi.inc. Denpa Gumi.inc is world famous female idol group.

She picked NEON YELLOW PRIDE Phase3. Because yellow is her color.
There are lots of bike maker but no one paint the bicycle NEON YELLOW like this.
Not only bikes performance and also beautiful colors you can choose from. This is one of there recommendation. However, this bike has enough performance for street riding. Moreover, the layout is also friendly for small women as like 140cm.

We have another type of PRIDE Phase3 for our tour guests.
Please join our tours and try it, if you have an interest!

written by Ikkei Eguchi
Translated by Keisuke