Look back and I’ll see you next time!

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Hello everyone!
I’m Keisuke from CHARI YA TOKYO. This is my first time to write blog. Nice to meet you guys.
I’d like to look back our previous tours today. I’m very happy if someone has an interested in our cycling tours after read this article.

Well, she is form Hong Kong and she joined COFFEE & WORKSHOP HOPPING RIDE.

Basically, we try to change the tour date if the weather forecast says over 60% chance to rain on the day of the tour. The one day before the tour, the weather forecast said tomorrow will be cloudy, so we decided to take the tour. However, it was raining so hard on the day of the tour. We needed to change the date, but problem was she was already our office in Asakusa, so we went to Sensoji Temple and Shibuya ad lib that day haha.

Finally, we had the tour and she enjoyed the tour so much. It because she kind understood that situation, Thank you very much!

The next guest is from South Korea.

She joined ILLUMINATION RIDE. I just worried about her physical strength, because this route has a quite long distance. She is tough and she could finish the tour. Moreover she was jumping at the very end of the tour. It was one of my unforgettable moment.

I’ve never thought that there are lots of solo women joiner so far.
Female is more honest with their interests and desire than male!?
Anyway, we always welcome solo women joiner!!

This man from Canada. The tour was birthday gift from his wife.

He has been living in Japan and he was a photographer in Tokyo. On the day of the tour, he bring his camera. Because lots of people think that he back alley and bar area are one of Tokyo’s characteristic, especially the people from overseas so we stopped along Yurakucho for shooting.

Actually, He posted beautiful pictures of Tokyo on his instagram. Please check them out!

This is a another celebration story.
They got just married and it was their honeymoon.

I tried to take a lot of picture for their memory and sent them all. They replied me and said hat thank you very much and we enjoyed the tour so much. I was so happy to help their special moments.

The last episode is about the man from Russia.

We took him to SHONAN SEASIDE SPECIAL ONE DAY TRIP. This is our private trip to Shonan.
He knows Japan very well and she said that he usually ate Sushi in Russia. We took him to Sushi restaurant and enjoyed authentic Shushi together.

We made short movie about this tour. Please check it out!
2017.2.28SHONAN SEASIDE from Ikkei Eguchi on Vimeo.

Actually, I do have more episodes and memories. I just looked back pieces of out tour episode.
I still keep in touch with some participants now. These encounters are my treasures.

I look forward to seeing you next time!
Please join our cycling tours.
I’m waiting for you!

Written by Keisuke