Dutch Coffee



We are serving some teas and alcoholic drinks for our guest after the tour.
Because Tokyo is heating every day, I tried to make cold-brewed iced coffee by using NAKAMURA TEA LIFE STORE’s green tea maker. The coffee beans are from Sumatra, Indonesia, roasted by Café Rostro which is a coffee roastery in Shibuya.
Last, but not least, taste is absolutely good! it is an mildly acid taste. I think it is the best for summer season.
Please feel free to join us and taste it!

BTW, NAKAMURA TEA LIFE STORE is an organic green tea store in Kuramae. There green teas are also good taste!

A cup of iced coffee 500yen
Coffee beans200g 1700yen

writeen by Ikkei
Translated by Keisuke