Free cycling bag rental service started!!!

Language: Chinese,Japanese

In Japan, the rainy season lasts from the beginning of June to mid-July.  Although It is horrible season for bicycle tour, we have to wait for a month.

Well, we launched free bag rental service for our guest as I wrote in the tittle.

We used to rental small bags so far, but we started to rental anew functional backpacks and body bag.

These bags are provided by beruf baggage!!

beruf baggage is the Japanese bag maker. From design to make, their processes are all in Japan.

Actually, We were provided 3 types of bags.

The first one is:


This is exactly the right size for pottering.

It can adjust the strap with one hand easily, and the shoulder strap is switchable so it can change the shoulder strap depend on the dominant hand.

The main compartment has roll top open system. This is impervious to water, so good for rain weather.

Though roll top has impervious to water, but it has to roll up every time. That’s very troublesome….

Don’t worry!  There is a waterproof zip for access the main compartment.

There are some organizer pocket inside the main compartment.

Silicone printed logo on the back. It can prevent skidding.

The color is black and navy.

The next one is:


This bag is twice bigger than the bag above.

Its good size for day trip but it has same functions as small one. Of course its also very useful in riding situation. Even If you bought something in the tour, you can take them back in safe and easy. Please don’t miss the chance to buy some wonderful souvenir!

Anyway, my tall is about 170cm but its not too big, not too small. This bag is just big enough!

The color is black and navy as well.

The last one is:


This back pack has also roll top open system. It is impervious to water as I told before, and It can boost the capacity when the luggage is increased. This is why roll top is so convenient function.

Of course it has also a waterproof zip for access the main compartment.

There is a PC sleeve in the main compartment, and also bottle pocket is on the side of the bag.

The chest strap is attached on the position which is no stress when you are in the riding position. The bag straps can be clipped to the bad itself so you don’t have to worry about them flapping around in the wind while you are riding.

There is also silicone printed logo on the back. It can prevent skidding.

The color is only black.

The outer fabric is  CORDURA®fabric EcoMade polyester, the inner fabric is PVC. These are fabrics that impervious to water.


I introduced 3 type of bags. How do you think about it?

I think their strong point is very functional but looks simple.

Would you like to go on the tour with these bags?

Please feel the Japanese craftsmanship!

Please tell me which bag you want to use when you make a reservation.

Reservation page is here.

written by Ikkei

Translated by Keisuke