Handle was replaced.


We have some drop handle bikes for our guests. If the guests are accustomed to riding a bicycle which is sports type, It won’t be a problem. However, some of them are not accustomed to. Sometimes they say they worry about if they can ride this kind of bike. So we decided we introduce some riser bar handle. Before we start, please check our original bike lineup.

Well, what is riser bar handle??

This is the handle which is more better controllability than drop handle. Actually, riser bar handle is not good at long distance touring, more important things are good controllability, because streets of Tokyo are complicated. Anyway, the eye position is also high, you can enjoy the city scape.

Now, Let’s show the changing process.

First of all, remove the handle from bicycle.

Because this riser bar handle is for mountain bike, so it has long width and good stability.

Cut the bar for adjust width. The roads of Tokyo are not so big, compact handle is better.

Polish the cut end with sandpaper.

Install the grip on the handle.
It’s done!

BTW, we chose blue and red, because these colors are CHARI YA TOKYO’s symbol colors.

It’s so stylish. Isn’t it?

Would you like to go on the tour by this bicycle?

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written by Ikkei Eguchi
Translated by Keisuke