It’s a Brand new communication tool!

Language: Chinese,Japanese


We are running a cycling tour guide in Tokyo.

It doesn’t matter if you are foreigner or Japanese, traffic situation is very important for your safety, especially if you have a cycling tour.
Actually, it can’t say Japanese traffic situation is friendly to bicycle. Bicycle lane has been increasing nowadays, However it’s still not enough to solve these problems.

You can see Japanese bicycle lane situation.

We choose safe route as possible as we can for several participants but there is a case we have to choose the main street sometime and If the participants are more than 5 person, we are often split into two groups by traffic light.
We communicated on the radio for participant’s safety so far but this communication system has lot of problem, such as sound quality, communication distance and more so we didn’t satisfied with it.
When we need to find a solution, we met a epoch-making bluetooth communication device.
It’s called BONX!

Check their introduction video here.

features are:
①Maximum ten people can talk at the same time.*General radio can’t talk when another people is talking.
②If you got the app, you can talk no matter where you are.
Because it can talk through the mobile app so you can talk if you catch Wi-Fi. No matter where are you are.
③You can talk in handsfree. It can recognize you voice and turn on automatically when you say something. It’s good for bicycle!
④Hi-quality sound. It can hear everything clearly.
⑤Waterproof and viberation-resistant. It can use any weather situations.
⑥One push mute system. It can easy to turn mute mode. *It’s very important when you go to the restroom lol.

Well, we used this communication device in our latest event ride. There were 15 participants but it was totally good! We could improve our communication while we riding and make our tour more safe!
Well done BONX!

We have two more BONX for our guests so if the number of people was less than two, the guests can use them as well. * Please download the app in advance.

Please Join our tour and try BONX!


Writing: Ikkei Eguchi
Translation: Keisuke