CHARI YA TOKYO’s bike line up


We are based in Asakusa and run a cycling tour company for tourists from overseas.
For cycling tour, most important thing is

the bicycle.

I’d like to tell you about our bicycles today. By the way CHARI means bicycle in Japanese slang so I’ll call bicycle chari in this blog.

We lunched this business just 1 year ago. There are may cycling tours already in Tokyo so we had to create something different from them. Actually our tours visit many different places, famous and not famous, which may or may not be listed in guidebooks.

How about bicycles?
We were thinking that which bicycle should we buy when we start this business.
Our requests are Japanese product, perfect much with Tokyo street. and have a relationship with street culture.

And now,  Our answer is rockbikes.

This bicycle create beautiful and good value products and the point of us adopting this maker is to have these factors. Now we have a great relationship, they kind helped us and provide some bicycles for free. Thank you very much!!

Well now, let me introduce our chari.


This is pist type. It became a popular style in San Francisco in 2007.
No gears, No brakes. This radical spirit influenced teenagers and street culture.

This kind of chari was created by massagers. They customized Japanese Keirin flame as a pist bikes. This MELANCHOLY was also influenced by these movement.

It has a beautiful geometry. Flame is made by chromium molybdenum steel. It has not only good strength and also lightweight and suppleness. Of cause it has brakes for safety. We have 6 for our guests.

Regular steering is drop type.

We also proved some flat type. This type drive more easier than drop type.

Looks like this.

We have 2 this type of bikes.
It strongly recommend to beginners and ladies.

And one more thing.
MELANCHOLY puts the rear brake under the pedal crank.

It makes beautiful look from the behind.

snappy cycle tour needs snappy chari!
However, thin tyre always has a range of puncture. Actually, it possible to have a puncture it the tyre was thick but next chari can reduce puncture risk.

GREED phase2

This is cross bike type. It can say progressive design in the cross bike category.
The flame is chromium molybdenum steel and designed old fashioned style. However it has oil pressure disk brake system. This chari blends the old and the new technology.

the tyre is 32c. It looks like a mountain bike. It makes comfortable when you over the gap on the street.

This oil pressure disk brake

can help your riding in the wet condition. This is the perfect chari for urban cycling.

Our chari looks difficult to ride at the first sight but we promise you that our chari makes your tour more comfortable and safety.
Please feel free to join and try to get on our chari.

Let’s find new Tokyo with
CHARI!!!  Yeah!!!  TOKYO!!!