Tokyo historical tour

In the tour, we will take you to historical places which are not on the guide book. We will start from visiting a historical shrine. This shrine exists for more than a thousand years, and they make a radish to be a god. 
 Then to “Yoshiwara” which was a famous “yukaku” (pleasure district, red-light district) in Edo, present-day Tokyo, Japan. Today, Yoshiwara roughly corresponds to Tokyo. At first glance, Yoshiwara today looks very similar to many other neighborhoods of modern Tokyo. Still, it does retain legacies to its past as it contains commercial establishments engaged in the sex trade. We will go see around the neighbor in Yoshiwara and go to a shrine that is related to girls who were sex workers in Yoshiwara.
 Next we will have lunch at a classical sushi restaurant that has history of two generations. After lunch we will go to a historical coffee shop to have one of the best coffee in Japan that is made by “hand dripped”.
 Then go visit a place where it was used to be an execution field in Edo period which is now a temple for the spirts to rest.
 Next we will take you to a shopping area which the buildings are renovated old house that are more than a hundred years old. 
 On our way back to Asakusa, we will see a huge Himalayan cedar that is a hundred years old.
 In this tour you will see the deferent and the hidden part of Tokyo. This tour is welcome for guests who first visited Japan and especially for Japanese freaks all around the world! So please join us to explore Tokyo!

Time: 9:00~15:00
Meeting place: CHARI YA TOKYO at 9:00 AM
Fixed: 1~10 people
Price: ¥13,000/Per person (Including English spoken guide, bicycle, helmet, insurance, lunch)
Course: CHARI YA TOKYO→Yoshiwara→Cafe ArchitectureJokanji Temple→SanyaNamidabashi Bridge→Cafe Bach→Iroha Shopping Street→Lunch→ShikianUenosakuragiatari→CHARI YA TOKYO