Q: Do I need a reservation in advance?

A: Yes. Please make a reservation by 3:00PM of the day before the tour.

Q: When can I make a reservation?

A: You can make a reservation 3 months in advance.

Q: What should I bring?

A: It would be better to wear clothes that are easy to move in. 

We recommend you to bring a small bag for keeping your valuables.

If you have a big bag, we can keep it in our office during the tour.

Q: How should I pay?

A: You need to pay in advance. If your reservation request is available, well send a bill to you via PayPal. Please complete your payment. The process is completed by confirmation of payment.

Q: I'm a leisure bicyclist, not so athletic…Can I go on this tour?

A: Don't worry. Our tour goes slowly on easy roads.

Q: Can children participate on the tour?

A: Anyone who is over 12 years old and over 150cm can participate. If participant is under 18 years old, we will provide a discount of ¥2,000.

*This discount serves is just for participants who join with their parent(s) or guardian(s) such as a family.

*If you are 18 or under, we need you to join with the parent(s) or guardian(s). If you join the tour without parent(s) or guardian(s) we can't take the tour, becaouse we can't any responsibility or liability for any accident or loss caused through the tour.

Q: Can I participate in your tour on my own bicycle?

A: Yes, you can. But it needs to be in a good condition.

Our tour insurance will not cover you if you ride your own bike.

   It is recommended to have your own insurance for the tour.

Q: I'm a vegetarian

A: No problem. Please notify us beforehand.

Q: If it's raining on the tour day

A: If weather forecast (at 5:00pm on the day before) says over 50% chance of rain for the tour date, we will suspend our tour for your safety.

But we have prepared another tour for wet weather. So you can choose to cancel the tour or do another activity. You will not be charged a cancellation fee, due to bad weather.

Q: I want to cancel the tour

A: Please e-mail to us: info@chariyatokyo.jp.   If on the tour day, please call +81-(0)80-6856-4383.

Please check our Cancelation Policy.

Q: Can I rent your bicycles for other activities?

A: We are sorry, but our bicycles are for the ride during our tour only.

Q: I have not received any reply from you.

A: We will reply to your inquiry within 2 days. Please allow your email account to receive our email (@chariyatokyo.jp) in advance. And check the spam mail box.If our reply does not arrive for more than 48hours, please call +81-(0)3-6313-5531.

Latest update : 2017-11-30