We joined the Tsukiji Fish Market trip. The bike tour was an awesome and unique experience to see Tokyo. The tour guide did a great job to ensure our safety and make the tour a fun experience. The tour was a great way to exercise and see the beautiful scenes of Tokyo, we were able to see some local communities and try a authentic seafood bowl! Will definitely recommend it to our friends.
Will from  Hong Kong


Keisuke is professional and friendly, i really enjoyed the illumination bike tour with stunning view and handmade coffee!
Lim from Malaysia


I really liked the tour. I was alone and had two excellent guides. The bike was perfect. I liked all the components of the tour: road, food, guides, bike. Definitely will be again for other their tours when I am next time in Tokyo.
Aleksandr From Russia


I took the Illumination Bike ride tour, and like the other reviews below the experience was great. When I struggled on the hills Keisuke was encouraging and helped me keep going. If you want to have a great time and see a lot of the city do a bike Tour here!

Nicholas From USA


Because I usually use a train in Tokyo so rinding the bicycle in To kyo was inspiring.
View of the city was totally different. This tour can visit not only sightseeing posts and also some deep spots. It was absolutely fun!
There was a after party after the tour. It was also good.
Anyway, I’m satisfied very much with a good tour!

tatsuya o From Japan


Usually I don’t ride the bicycle but they kind help me so I totally enjoyed the tour.
Actually, I’ve been living in Tokyo long time but I could find something new. It was absolutely wonderful experience. I made a leather key holder in the tour. It’ll remind me of the tour when I see the key holder.
I want to recommend ladies this tour. It worth joining!!

naos256 From Japan


This tour goes around old down town area in Tokyo and including visit coffee roastery, make a leather key holder and blend the Japanese spice. It was so fantastic and good to make friend through ‘’saddle talk’’ I want to join their tour again!!
BTW, there is the old fashioned public bath close to CHARI YA TOKYO. I want to try it after the tour next time!

洋輔 宮 From Japan


Because I’m a beginner rider so I just worried about cycling. However they kind help and teach me how to ride the bicycle in safety.
I went around Asakusa area this time. The tour is not only cycling and also make a leather key holder. Now I use the key holder regularly.
Other participants are also friendly. I could spend wonderful holiday!

nyanyae From Japan


I joined their WORKSHOP RIDE on June 11. I got cool bicycle and cycle around Asakusa area. The tour goes slowly and safety. I wore helmet and the tour guides protect me while riding. The city scape of Sumida river was amazing. I felt a nice breeze. The tour is including make a leather key holder, visit coffee roastery and Shizuoka green tea shop. It also try to blend Japanese spice. Other participants are very friendly, I made new friends. This is really worth joining!!

痴汉一郎 From China


I must say I really enjoyed it. I had an unforgettable experience!! The guides are wonderful, knowledgeable and very friendly. I rarely ride a bike in everyday life but I felt very safe riding through tourist attractions including Asakusa, Odaiba, Tsugiji and Ginza.The stop at Gundam statue for dinner was a highlight. The tour offers a great chance to experience something special. Everything is done with care and kind details. Great value, worth the price. I would try it again in a heartbeat.



Moguworld From Japan


I joined DEEP TOKYO TIME SLIP RIDE. I visited some deep spots in Tokyo and we went into some places which ladies never go. Mr. Eguchi kind help and teach me about the bicycle. Thank you very much for your support. I’m into bicycle now!!
Anyway, I recommend CHARI YA TOKYO!

未来 金 From Japan


I strongly recommend this ILLUMINATION RIDE. Moving in Tokyo by bicycle is so fresh experience for me. I have no idea I can get the water-bus with bicycle. I visitedTokyo station, Oddaiba, Ginza and Tsukiji. There are fun! The warehouse area was so excited. Other participants are very friendly. Thank you very much Mr.Eguchi. I’d like to join another tour next time.

Arisa E From Japan


The bicycle tour of River side was great and exciting. The mix of old and new, well-known attractions, hidden corners and side streets. The tour allows me to cover much more territory and distance and discover more road less traveled than I could possibly do on foot. From the beginning, I had recieved a simple friendly instruction from those guilds with knowledge, Mr. Keisuke & Ikkei, that made me feel safe and comfortable before embarking on our journey throughout Tokyo. We cross the oldest bridge and spinning alongside the river, with quiet parks and lovely view of city. It is like wandering the area with my good friends who live there. It was kind of cool. The riding was mostly easy and there was lots of fun and laughter. We had a drink at the end of the tour that was so nice & relax. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. Cheers! :)

Helen C From HongKong


My boyfriend and I joined the "Illumination Ride". We had a private tour with Keisuke a round trip from Asakusa (浅草) to Odaiba (台場), the night view of the Rainbow Bridge and the city was awesome and the "secret snack" provided by Keisuke was heart-warming and delicious. Highly recommend the trip!

innocentheidi From HongKong


I joined the illumination ride during my short visit to Tokyo. This is my first time visiting the busy city, and there are too much to see. Since my stay was short, I decided to take a worthy and efficient way to explore the city, the bike tour. It was an unforgettably amazing tour with Kei, the guide. He showed me a unique way to enjoy Tokyo. The night view of Tokyo by bike is really a must. Try Illumination to explore the night of Tokyo! :)

ctwu From Taiwan