We closed our business and we participated in BIKELORE3 in Hakushu, Yamanashi prefecture where is 180 km away from Asakusa last weekend.

BIKELORE is one of famous outdoor bicycle event. So I brought my bicycle there.
Take the tyre off and fix the bicycle to the car carrier.
Well, got ready to set off!

I left early morning but I got stuck in big traffic jam.
It was killing me.


this beautiful landscape made me refresh.
The tiredness has gone so quickly!

I set up my bicycle after I arrived.

Oh! Hi caterpillar.

This is kind of baptism of the nature. I moved him or her away gently.

Well, It’s done.

Now, we should prepare BBQ!

We brought some food each other and we shared them.

Good! Such a fun time.

We enjoyed eating and drinking.

Well, I said that BIKELORE is an outdoor bicycle event. So There are lots of cyclocross races.
You can enjoy them absolutely, even if you don’t have an interest in bicycle.

BMX show,

kids Balance Bike race,

and also fancy race!

You can also enjoy fishing.

Of cause, you able to eat the fish soon after get it.

Soft cream is also delicious. It’s 10 times sweet, if you eat it in the nature.

The last one is Tonjiru!

After BBQ, I had a nap in the hammock.

but I have kept sleeping until morning.

Rightly, I woke up so early next morning.
It was 4:30 am.

So I Made morning coffee. It was so delicious.

Chill out again.

The time goes slowly.
I cycled around the park my bicycle.

I watched main bike race.

He is a friend of mine. He was so fast.

He got a first prize!


Anyway, we had wonderful time there.

You watch the movie here!

Next time is in November in Akigase park in Saitama prefecture!
We plan to participate this event as CHARI YA TOKYO next time.
Please join us and have a fun!

written by Ikkei Eguchi
Translated by Keisuke