We are going on the cycling tour with costumers from world wide.
Almost of them are form China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. They are quite younger generations but we were going RIVERSIDE cycling tour with a couple from Iceland this time.

They said that they also reserve another cycling tours. Because we want to provide their best cycling tour, we put more fight into our performance.

Europeans and Americans are bigger than Asians. We arranged our biggest bicycle for them.
Well, let’s go cycling!!

Our tour goes slowly on easy roads.
This tour go along Sumidagawa River. And we told them about Edo period’s history and culture.
It was so beautiful day, we felt a nice breeze during the tour.

Went along Sumidagawa, We arrived at Tsukiji Fish Market.
Have lunch at nice restaurant that is not on the guidebook.
They looked so pleased there.

After have lunch, we were going to Tokyo Tower but plan was changed. We went window-shopping in the Market.

After window-shopping, we left for Odaiba. We got on the water-bas with bicycles to go to Odaiba and went around Odaiba in a relaxed atmosphere.

I heard that TRANSFORMERS are more famous than GUNDAM in Iceland.

When we arrived at International Exhibition Center, they looked tired So we had a break there. In the break, Keisuke bought some chocolate gave them.

This is real Japanese O MO TE NA SHI!
Well done Keisuke!! hahahah.

After a break, We went wonderful landscape spot.
There was a gradual slope on the way to the spot but they could go up and enjoyed the beautiful landscape.

Passed Ginza ~ Nihonbashi, we usually going on national highway but we changed the rout to alley. Because they were tired and afraid of riding on jammed way.

When we visited Tsukiji, he was looking Japanese kitchen knives with great interest, we visit Japanese kitchen knife store(Kamaasashoten) on Kappabashi shopping street.
They looked so pleased again there.

When we left the store, she said that she want to buy a siphon coffee dripper. She dunk a nice coffee in Japan, The dripper was siphon. So we went coffee dripper store and help her to buy it.

Finally we arrived at CHARI YA TOKYO office, The tour is end.
They told me that They spent a wonderful day and reviewed us five star on Facebook!
Thank you very much!!

Today we visit his account on Facebook, he is the mayor of Ísafjarðarbær city!!
Because we didn’t talk about his job, It was so surprised.

Hello Ísafjarðarbær!
Please join our cycling tours if you come to Tokyo!
Our tours is his recommendation!! haha