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Usually, our guests come from overseas but sometimes Japanese guests but sometime also Japanese guests join our tour through ‘’SOW EXPERIENCE’’.

SOW EXPERIENCE is a experience gift service. This time, the son gave him parents this gift ticket and They choose our COFFEE LOVERS RIDE.

Thank you very much for coming from Gunma!

At the beginning of the tour, they practiced how to ride the sports bike because they don’t get used to sports bikes.

At the beginning of the tour, make the leather cup sleeve. At the historic leather studio.

The very friendly craft man, Sato teach them how to make the leather very kindly.

After leather workshop, head to Kiyosumishirakawa and it’s time to have a lunch!

I’ve never thought but they enjoyed eating hamburger so much. Actually, I think about their age, we were going to go to the Japanese restaurant for lunch but they wanted to try to eat hamburger because they’ve never eaten hamburger. Hamburger was so big, so we teach them how to eat hamburger. Actually, lots of Japanese don’t know how to east this big hamburger like this. Anyway, they said they like hamburger so much!!

After lunch, visited the Kiyozumishirakawa Coffee roasteries .

Visited 3 roasteries there and try to drip coffee.
Usually, I teach the guests how to drip coffee, but he was coffee lover and he knows about that this time, so I don’t need to tell them.

This is the best shoot of this tour.
She looked at her husband with beautiful slime!

Enjoy having coffee with the leather cup sleeve.
BTW, this cup sleeve is very useful at party scene.

CHARI YA TOKYO provides unforgettable experience which is not listed the guide books.
Please show the details about our tours!!


Endorsement agreement by ROCK BIKES

We are helping our tour bike brand, rock bike’s artist endorsement project.
rock bikes provides influencer such as an artist with their bike through this project.

The first case is Ike from SPYAIR

He is a vocalist of SPYAIR. SPYAIR is a Japanese famous band and wide spread in Asian country.
We’ve known each other for a long long time, and I knew he had an interested in bicycle. So I decided that first endorsement is for him.

He chose ”Greed” this time.
He said he often went fishing, so he wanted to ride on off road.
Actually, Greed has thick slick tires, it can ride on the off road. This is the reason why he chose Greed this time.

The second case is Tatsuo. He is a guitarist and sound arranger. He is woking with BAYB METAL, GOLDEN BOMBER, and Momoiro cClover Z.

Because he want to ride long distance, he picked a road bike, SPITFIRE.
This bike is so photogenic and also has solid handling and good acceleration force.
He said he wants to ride with Kenji Dalvish from GOLDEN BOBER, because Kenji also likes cycling.

The 3rd case is Naruse Eimi as known as Eitaso from Dempa Denpa is world famous female idol group.

She picked NEON YELLOW PRIDE Phase3. Because yellow is her color.
There are lots of bike maker but no one paint the bicycle NEON YELLOW like this.
Not only bikes performance and also beautiful colors you can choose from. This is one of there recommendation. However, this bike has enough performance for street riding. Moreover, the layout is also friendly for small women as like 140cm.

We have another type of PRIDE Phase3 for our tour guests.
Please join our tours and try it, if you have an interest!

written by Ikkei Eguchi
Translated by Keisuke

Look back and I’ll see you next time!

Language: Chinese, Japanese

Hello everyone!
I’m Keisuke from CHARI YA TOKYO. This is my first time to write blog. Nice to meet you guys.
I’d like to look back our previous tours today. I’m very happy if someone has an interested in our cycling tours after read this article.

Well, she is form Hong Kong and she joined COFFEE & WORKSHOP HOPPING RIDE.

Basically, we try to change the tour date if the weather forecast says over 60% chance to rain on the day of the tour. The one day before the tour, the weather forecast said tomorrow will be cloudy, so we decided to take the tour. However, it was raining so hard on the day of the tour. We needed to change the date, but problem was she was already our office in Asakusa, so we went to Sensoji Temple and Shibuya ad lib that day haha.

Finally, we had the tour and she enjoyed the tour so much. It because she kind understood that situation, Thank you very much!

The next guest is from South Korea.

She joined ILLUMINATION RIDE. I just worried about her physical strength, because this route has a quite long distance. She is tough and she could finish the tour. Moreover she was jumping at the very end of the tour. It was one of my unforgettable moment.

I’ve never thought that there are lots of solo women joiner so far.
Female is more honest with their interests and desire than male!?
Anyway, we always welcome solo women joiner!!

This man from Canada. The tour was birthday gift from his wife.

He has been living in Japan and he was a photographer in Tokyo. On the day of the tour, he bring his camera. Because lots of people think that he back alley and bar area are one of Tokyo’s characteristic, especially the people from overseas so we stopped along Yurakucho for shooting.

Actually, He posted beautiful pictures of Tokyo on his instagram. Please check them out!

This is a another celebration story.
They got just married and it was their honeymoon.

I tried to take a lot of picture for their memory and sent them all. They replied me and said hat thank you very much and we enjoyed the tour so much. I was so happy to help their special moments.

The last episode is about the man from Russia.

We took him to SHONAN SEASIDE SPECIAL ONE DAY TRIP. This is our private trip to Shonan.
He knows Japan very well and she said that he usually ate Sushi in Russia. We took him to Sushi restaurant and enjoyed authentic Shushi together.

We made short movie about this tour. Please check it out!
2017.2.28SHONAN SEASIDE from Ikkei Eguchi on Vimeo.

Actually, I do have more episodes and memories. I just looked back pieces of out tour episode.
I still keep in touch with some participants now. These encounters are my treasures.

I look forward to seeing you next time!
Please join our cycling tours.
I’m waiting for you!

Written by Keisuke




TOKYO RIVER RIDE with 森詩織 from PASSPO☆ 一般
2017/11/19(日) 08:00 ~ 2017/11/19(日) 12:00

TOKYO RIVER RIDE with 森詩織 from PASSPO☆ 一般
2017/11/19(日) 13:00 ~ 2017/11/19(日) 17:00





ガールズロックで、お客さまを忘れられない旅にお連れする、7人組ユニットPASSPO☆から森詩織と、自転車を使って新しい東京の切り口を提案するサイクリングツアーガイド「CHARI YA TOKYO」が手を組んだ!


CHARI YA TOKYOを出発し、片道5kmの某公園まで走りバスケ部出身の「もりし」とフリースロー対決!

CHARI YA TOKYOを出発し、ランニングコースとしても有名な荒川河川敷をランニング大好き「もりし」とあえてチャリで爆走‼海まで突っ走ります!


キャンセルポリシー:CHARI YA TOKYOオフィシャルサイトに準じる




Language:Chinese, Japanese


We are glad to inform you that we are selected by multilingual travel guide app, ON THE TOP.
We are introduced on WIRED HOTEL collaboration page. They picked 8 special recommendations in Asakusa, and we are one of them. They said that we are one of the travel guide which is guiding deep side of Tokyo.
Other lineup is also worth reading, and can find our friends on the page.
App is free. Please check them out!!

Download App!


Language: Chinese, Japanese

August was over, the new month came. Tokyo is in the best season for cycling now. I’d like to inform you that our new cycling tour which is collaboration with WIRED HOTEL today. They are famous company which is managing and producing over 100 cafes in Japan.
This tour goes around older district such as Yanaka and Nezu. It’s called ACADEMIC RIDE. You’ll see and experience some historic archtecture, 1000 torii gates like Fushimi-Inari in Kyoto, old fashioned shopping street, snake road, goldfish fishing and so on. And also you might be able to eat shaved ice dessert, if you are lucky…
The time is 10am to 3pm.
Please check the introduction video below!

ACADEMIC RIDE from Ikkei Eguchi on Vimeo.

We are planning on 10th and 18th in this month.
Please feel free to join us!

*Please note that you need to stay at WIRED HOTEL, if you join this tour.

written by IKKEI EGUCHI
Translated by Keisuke

Dutch Coffee



We are serving some teas and alcoholic drinks for our guest after the tour.
Because Tokyo is heating every day, I tried to make cold-brewed iced coffee by using NAKAMURA TEA LIFE STORE’s green tea maker. The coffee beans are from Sumatra, Indonesia, roasted by Café Rostro which is a coffee roastery in Shibuya.
Last, but not least, taste is absolutely good! it is an mildly acid taste. I think it is the best for summer season.
Please feel free to join us and taste it!

BTW, NAKAMURA TEA LIFE STORE is an organic green tea store in Kuramae. There green teas are also good taste!

A cup of iced coffee 500yen
Coffee beans200g 1700yen

writeen by Ikkei
Translated by Keisuke



The weather has been cool these last few days.
If the weather condition is nice, you’ll feel a nice breeze during the tour. Especially, ride on comfortable roads.

Well, I’d like to talk about our TSUKIJI FISH MARKET today.
This tour is enormously well-received by the guests from overseas. Actually, this tour was created by our guest’s request.



The duration is 3~4 hours and goes slowly and easy roads, so It is easy to participate even if you are a leisure cyclist.



BTW, I heard that Tsukiji Fish Market is a hot spot in Hong Kong.
written by Ikkei Eguchi
Translated by Keisuke

Free cycling bag rental service started!!!

Language: Chinese,Japanese

In Japan, the rainy season lasts from the beginning of June to mid-July.  Although It is horrible season for bicycle tour, we have to wait for a month.

Well, we launched free bag rental service for our guest as I wrote in the tittle.

We used to rental small bags so far, but we started to rental anew functional backpacks and body bag.

These bags are provided by beruf baggage!!

beruf baggage is the Japanese bag maker. From design to make, their processes are all in Japan.

Actually, We were provided 3 types of bags.

The first one is:


This is exactly the right size for pottering.

It can adjust the strap with one hand easily, and the shoulder strap is switchable so it can change the shoulder strap depend on the dominant hand.

The main compartment has roll top open system. This is impervious to water, so good for rain weather.

Though roll top has impervious to water, but it has to roll up every time. That’s very troublesome….

Don’t worry!  There is a waterproof zip for access the main compartment.

There are some organizer pocket inside the main compartment.

Silicone printed logo on the back. It can prevent skidding.

The color is black and navy.

The next one is:


This bag is twice bigger than the bag above.

Its good size for day trip but it has same functions as small one. Of course its also very useful in riding situation. Even If you bought something in the tour, you can take them back in safe and easy. Please don’t miss the chance to buy some wonderful souvenir!

Anyway, my tall is about 170cm but its not too big, not too small. This bag is just big enough!

The color is black and navy as well.

The last one is:


This back pack has also roll top open system. It is impervious to water as I told before, and It can boost the capacity when the luggage is increased. This is why roll top is so convenient function.

Of course it has also a waterproof zip for access the main compartment.

There is a PC sleeve in the main compartment, and also bottle pocket is on the side of the bag.

The chest strap is attached on the position which is no stress when you are in the riding position. The bag straps can be clipped to the bad itself so you don’t have to worry about them flapping around in the wind while you are riding.

There is also silicone printed logo on the back. It can prevent skidding.

The color is only black.

The outer fabric is  CORDURA®fabric EcoMade polyester, the inner fabric is PVC. These are fabrics that impervious to water.


I introduced 3 type of bags. How do you think about it?

I think their strong point is very functional but looks simple.

Would you like to go on the tour with these bags?

Please feel the Japanese craftsmanship!

Please tell me which bag you want to use when you make a reservation.

Reservation page is here.

written by Ikkei

Translated by Keisuke

With a view point of 100 cm from the ground, enjoy the refreshing, cool breeze of Tokyo that only a bicycle can give.

Source of a quote:TOKYO DAY OUT

I hear that bicycle tours in Tokyo are popular with overseas tourists. So, I joined the unique bicycle tour which allows us to enjoy Tokyos night view. The tour is called ‘’ILLUMINATION RIDE’’ and it is organized by CHARI YA TOKYO.

I headed for Asakusa leisurely to enjoy Tokyos city lights.  The tour started at 3:30pm. I looked forward to joining it so much!

CHARI YA TOKYO is based in Asakusa and was launched by Mr. Eguchi and Mr. Igarashi last year. Before launching CHARI YA TOKYO, they were used to organizing some cycling events together. Now, they organize some cycling tours for overseas tourists through CHARI YA TOKYO. Their tour is popular with overseas tourists.

Their tour provides guests with an understanding of Tokyo’s new culture as well as older culture by visiting different districts throughout the city, such as Asakusa. I think their style is so cool.

Well, let’s get back to talking about their ILLUMINATION RIDE. The tour starts from their office in Asakusa. I chose a bicycle, which they provide, and received course details. They have many different kinds of bicycles so you can join the tour even if you have no bicycle.

Enjoy dynamic city-scape of Tokyo from older districts to the heart of the financial districts and then the beautiful bayside towns. Tokyo’s vibrant cityscape is in a constant state of flux and renewal.

Leaving the office, the tour starts from the older districts, such as Kappa-bashi Dogu street. I went though these Japanese traditional streets into the heart of the financial district. I’d never thought that Tokyo’s vibrant cityscape is in a constant state of flux and renewal. I felt like I was in a completely different world. It was such a sensational experience.

The scenery changed so rapidly, We arrived at Tokyo station next. These changing environments made me so excited! Because it was such an amazing feeling as I flew through the air, I screamed unintentionally.
That feeling is not an exaggeration. Actually, cycling in Tokyo is more of an adventure than I thought. One more thing…it’s OK, to scream, Nobody notices it while we are riding.

After that, we had a break at Tokyo Station. Actually, I’d been here so may times but I felt unusual then because I arrived by bicycle. I wanted to tell someone I got there by bicycle. My heart was filled this kind of feeling.

Then it was time to go to the pier through Ginza and Shiba Park. On the way to the pier, Tokyo Tower came into sight. At that moment, I began to realize why I was feeling something special with the bicycle tour as I looked upon Tokyo Tower. I guess that bicycle had just the right sense of speed. The view point from the bicycle is about 100cm from the ground and it’s faster than walking but slower than moving in a car. This sense of speed directs some unusual moments.
Anyway, I arrived at Tokyo Tower while thinking such a thing.

I took some photos of the tower and then left for the pier. I had no idea that people can get to Odaiba by water-bus with their bicycles. We can see Rainbow Bridge both up close and also underneath as we travel past the bridge.

After we arrived in Odaiba, there was an unexpected coffee break in a park. Moreover, the tour guides boiled some water and milled some coffee beans for us there. I was entertained with really delicious and special coffee and I enjoyed drinking it at the harbor while viewing a beautiful sunset.

What’s this place that makes Tokyo go!?

In Odaiba, we went on a special cycling route down some back alleys. After a little while, I saw beautiful factory lights as well as a huge cargo ship resting at anchor.

The view was so glorious to admire. I had never thought that there could be a place like this in Odaiba…. Knowing what I know now thanks to the tour, I think I wasted time in Tokyo. Tokyo still has lots of thing I don’t know about.
After that, we had dinner at Diver-City then earnestly pedaled our bicycles to go to the final destination which has a 360 degree view of Tokyo’s city lights. Actually, the final destination was the top of the bridge. However this bridge has a long, long slope. I tried to go up but it was extremely hard…
My tour guides encouraged me on. They said, “The beautiful city lights are waiting for you on the top!!” It nearly killed me but I finally made it. Their shouts of encouragement saved me!

Finally, I could see the lights! These beautiful lights, such as factories, ships, and skyscrapers, were amazing to see.
Moreover, no other people were there. I had the lights completely to myself. It was kind of a strange feeling, like I was in the another dimension…or a blackhole.
After the final destination, we went back to Asakusa though Tsukiji and Ginza.

With your bicycle, experience a time warp through the ages.

After finishing the tour, I felt strange because I wanted to tell someone immediately about the fantastic experience I just had but had to keep it in my heart as a secret. It’s not enough to say I saw a different side of Tokyo. It was just like a dream which is a special experience. Yes, I can say I awoke up from a dream!
I strongly recommend joining their bicycle tour, especially the people who have been living in Tokyo for a long time.
Please experience yourself Tokyo’s time and generational traveling tour with a view point of 100 cm from the ground. Only then will you understand my feelings.