We will take you deep into Tokyo by bicycle.
These are following places are not remains of history, but you can go back and see the Edo period even Japanese people do not know these places very well, after you have visited all of places, you will know another side of Tokyo's history.
On our tours you will do the following:
1.Visit Yoshiwara.
*This is the place where young girls used to work as prostitute. Yoshiwara does not exsist as a town any more, but still you can see some remains.
2.Visit Sanya.
*Sanya is the place that helped the high economic growth period of Japan and the location of the famous cartoon ‘’Tomorrow’s Joe’’.
3.Visit Shikian.
*Do you know Shiki Masaoka?? He is a famous poet. Visit his house where spent his last years and get to know his unique personality.
4.Visit a legendary coffee shop.
*This shop is a world famous coffee roastery.
5.Have lunch at Uenosakuragiatari.
*This the little-known spot is a renovated traditional house which is now a modern shop.

Time: 9:00~15:00
Meeting place: CHARI YA TOKYO at 9:00 AM
Fixed: 1~10 people
Price: ¥13,000/Per person (Including English spoken guide, bicycle, helmet, insurance, lunch)
Course: CHARI YA TOKYO→Yoshiwara→Cafe ArchitectureJokanji Temple→SanyaNamidabashi Bridge→Cafe Bach→Iroha Shopping Street→Lunch→ShikianUenosakuragiatari→CHARI YA TOKYO